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Photo of Bindu .Fine Indian Bollywood star Bindu and beauty queen of My individual choice bindu.I like Bindu. please scroll down to view my blog fully.

wel come to  my blog Mr.Jayesh N.Gandhi Ahmedabad (Gujarat) India

This is my earlier photo which was photographed on march 2013.Mr Jayesh N.Gandhi Ahmedabad.Gujarat.India. Please visit my updated blog at   use google search for quick access to my blog. 

my online resume cum profile.

My full Name                      : Mr Jayesh N.Gandhi.   
                                                 I am healthy middle aged young man with young look and
                                                 young date of birth is 23/10/1960.
2/ My education                      : Matriculation with engineering subjects.I have studied beyond              
                                             matriculation too due to non availability of few required credential I have
                                             decided to consider up to matriculation.I have readily available my    
                                             credential which are upto matriculation.    
My present computer          : M S Office Page maker,corel draw,microsoft front page,dbase,lotus
lliteracy.                                 dbase,lotus and front page are now outdated.Auto cad of earlier
                                             version which is now out dated for engineering use.Microsoft front page.
                                             Front page is now outdated. 

4/ My web designing skill   : Professional experience I have as web designer is of about one year.
                                             During my time as web designer most of the web designing work I had
                                             done with the help of microsoft front page. Microsoft front page is now 
My computer programming : Cobol programming I had completed in yr 1983 in the same yr I had
skills.                                      worked as cobol computer programmer for about 4 month. 
                                              C programming I completed in Jan 2013. I am inexperienced c
                                              computer programmer.

6/ My present  health           : My present health is good despite two bone surgeries I had in
    status.                                yr 2004 due to accident.  

7/ Sports I played and         : Hockey,swimming and polo.At present I am unfit for sports due to
    like.                                   my left thigh bone surgery.Due to surgery I quitted sports.

8/ I like                                  : Horseriding with beautiful  healthy and computer literate
                                               unmarried women of my choice between age group of 29 to 55 yrs.
                                               She should be extremly broad minded with good moral.
very fine and naturally healthy grazing horse and fine horse meadow 

please click this link to watch and enjoy videos I like most (my favourable)

9/ My contact detail            :

10/ Languages known           : English,,Russian,Hindi and Gujarati.
                                                 Languages I like most are English and Hindi. 

11/ My Nationality                  :  I am Indian citizen with Indian Nationality.   

  Мр .Яешь Н. Гaндхи.Ахмедабад.Индия  
Very fine photo of Gabrieala Sabatini,tennis star and beauty beauty queen of my individual choice.Gabrieala Sabatini.Gabrieala sabatini  is from Argentina.I like Gabrieala Sabatini.

please click this link to watch and enjoy my favourite videos

12/  Job as Individual I like most is of forest officer (, master of science in Zoology & forestry)my this goal could not be achieved by me   (to be forest officer) due to many unforeseen hurdles then, when I opted to proceed for & forestry) forest officer study in year 1979-80 in India. Forest officers job is indeed a wonderful and charming job with very nearness to nature and fine naturalness to be healthy naturally all time.

Picture  of  Fine home with fine garden.Mr Jayesh N.Gandhi Ahmedabad India

Fine healthy horse in a a fine natural environment

Mr Jayesh N.Gandhi  Ahmedabad India